Reputable Vendors


The Medicinal Mushroom Dispensary is operated by Dana Larsen, a renowned cannabis activist who has transitioned into psychedelic advocacy. His online dispensary offers micro-doses to patients who can provide a prescription for a psilocybin-treatable ailment.


Champignons Magique cares deeply about cultivating outstanding mushroom products and superior customer service. They carry one of the widest varieties online. Ten strains of dried mushroom, 2 varieties of micro-dose, and two flavours of ready-to-brew mushroom tea.


Psilo-Supplements is a micro-dose focused company, similar to the mushroom dispensary, however they do not require a doctors note or prescription to purchase. They have the widest variety of micro-doses online, with 5 unique blends containing other vitamins and nutrients that compound the effects of psilocybin.


Blue Goba is a group of micro-cultivators dedicated to growing these amazing mushrooms in order to give Canadians access to the profound, and healing benefits of their active compounds. We offer a high quality product along with great customer service.


Shrooms Direct is one of the oldest and most trusted online suppliers of magic mushrooms. They offer eight strains of dried mushroom, Teas, Chocolates, Gummies, and micro-dose capsules.